Spring has arrived, and so has all of the talk of Spring Cleaning. I’m down for the cause too as I have several projects planned to get my home in order and rid it of some clutter.  However, I always like to take my spring cleaning a step further and de-Clutter my Mind, Body, and Spirit. So, I decided to share my Master Spring Cleaning Plan with all of you this year. Here is How I’m Spring Cleaning my Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Here is How I'm Spring Cleaning this Year...

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I will be doing a 2 week digital detox where I remove myself from all social media and TV. I always love my digital detoxes. They work wonders for my mind. Our brains tend to get so cluttered with all of the images in the media. It’s nice to just take a break from it all.

Prior to my digital detox, I make sure that all of my blog posts and corresponding social media posts are pre-scheduled to still go live during my break. I also prepare a post on each of my social media accounts letting my followers know that I’m temporarily away.

In addition to my digital detox, I will be regularly doing a nightly meditation to clear my mind of any of the day’s stresses, and rebooting for the following day. This is something that I have tried on and off. However, I would like to make it a regular part of my routine, so I’m getting in the habit now.


I completed 6 Days of intermittent fasting. I fasted for 24 hours straight-only eating dinner each day. I actually really enjoyed this. Surprisingly, I found that I had more energy throughout the day. I would only drink water or green tea during the fasting period and that worked fine for me. This fasting also helped me to cut back on my sugar which has been one of my goals for a while.

I have actually decided to do a daily 16 hour fast from this point forward. I will be skipping breakfast since that’s my least favorite meal of the day anyway. For lunch and dinner, I will make sure I have a healthy amount of protein and veggies. I will also be cutting back greatly on salt, sugar, and starchy foods (meaning my French fry addiction will have to step aside).

I will be doing more detoxifying yoga poses during my regular yoga practice (I currently complete an hour of yoga 4-5 days/week) . This means more twists, hip openers, and ab work. This is a great way for me to get my digestive tract running smoothly and rid my body of those nasty toxins.

I have gotten rid of the vast majority of my unnatural skincare products and began using natural products from Defined Beauty Essentials. I am ALREADY seeing the difference in my skin. Removing all of those gross chemicals and perfumes from my skin care products have made my skin quite happy. My “Restore” cream that I have been using on my face is giving me this glow that I love. I first wash my face with my aloe Vera gel. Then, I pay it dry and apply my cream. For the rest of my body, I have been using my shea butters. Some days I use the unscented and on the days when I’m feeling fancy, I use my lovely Peach shea butter (I swear that Peach shea Butter gets more compliments than my expensive perfume). But the best thing is, my skin is soft and moisturized without poisoning myself. I’m absolutely loving it.


I have been doing lots of traditional spring cleaning and ridding my home of junk. De-cluttering your home and car has a natural cleansing effect on your spirit. With that being said, I just had to get rid of some of the extra sh*t I just had hanging around. I honestly couldn’t even stand it anymore.

I also had to cut some more people from my life. If you are not adding any value to my life, it’s time for you to make an exit. And no, I don’t feel bad about it. I actually feel great- better than ever. 🙂

Now that it’s warmer, I have also been getting outside and sitting with nature more often. My soul has been craving more nature and fresh air. It helps me to get re-connected and balanced. I am much more productive when I can spend time enjoying the great outdoors.

Lastly, I had to do some energy- clearing in my home. Not just to remove any negative energies that may have sneakily made their way in, but to also get rid of stagnant energy. It’s spring. Spring is all about growth right? I need that good energy to flow freely through my home (and through my soul) so I can manifest more greatness.

So, as you can see, there is a whole lot more to spring-cleaning around here than just the traditional home and yard tidying. My spring-cleaning journey is about getting 100% ready for my next level. I want to look good, and most importantly FEEL GOOD. I’m ready to bloom like those May flowers. How about you?


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