This month I am focusing on balancing and healing the chakras. I will be taking you through each Chakra- explaining what it is, how to identify when it is unbalanced, and how to heal it. This article will be focusing on the Third Eye Chakra. 

Heal the Third Eye Chakra Using These Tips

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Location: between the eyebrows

Connected to: wisdom, connection to source energy, intuition

Symptoms (when unbalanced): frequent headaches near the forehead or temples, delusional, judgmental, poor memory, learning disability, disconnect with the spiritual realm, lack of empathy, blindness, dizziness, earaches, cysts or tumors on the brain, difficulty sleeping, depression

Heal Using These Tips:
Healing meditation
– Wear or carry Third Eye Chakra-Healing gemstones

-Light an indigo candle in your home or workspace

-Eat blueberries, dark chocolate, and brain foods such as fish

-Wear indigo or bluish purple colored clothing or jewelry.

Sit outdoors on sunny days


Signs of a balanced Third Eye Chakra: strong understanding of the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds, great memory, easily learn new skills, higher state of consciousness, intuitive, open-minded, good vision

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