This month I am focusing on balancing and healing the chakras. I will be taking you through each Chakra- explaining what it is, how to identify when it is unbalanced, and how to heal it. This article will be focusing on the Root Chakra. 

Heal the Root Chakra Using these Tips


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Location: Base of the spine

Connected to: all things related to stability: shelter, safety, nourishment, emotional balance, feelings of being grounded

Symptoms (when unbalanced): lack of confidence, insecurity, depression, phobias, addictions, feelings of abandonment, OCD, low back pain, issues with the bowels, chronic pain in the pelvis, hips, knees, legs, feet, and ankles, varicose veins

Heal Using These Tips: 

-Walk outside while barefoot

-Try a grounding meditation

-For women: try kegel exercises

-Place root chakra-healing gemstones in the location of the chakra while relaxing or carry them with you as you complete your regular routine.

-Do yoga focused on the areas containing the root chakra.

Signs of a healthy root chakra: consistently making progress in life, feelings of security, overall good health, abundance, confidence, feelings of safety and comfort, discovery of one’s life purpose


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