This month I am focusing on balancing and healing the chakras. I will be taking you through each Chakra- explaining what it is, how to identify when it is unbalanced, and how to heal it. This article will be focusing on the Crown Chakra. 

Healing the Crown Chakra

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Location: just above the head

Connected to: enlightenment, connection to source energy

Symptoms (when unbalanced): trouble with remaining grounded, inability to control encounters with spirits from other realms, thinking you are better than others, unable to identify life purpose, angry with God, poor coordination, unable to accept change and new ideas, lack of interest in your inner self and spiritual development, fear of dying, chronic fatigue, sensitivity to light and/or sounds

Heal Using These Tips:
Healing meditation   while outdoors
– Wear or carry Crown Chakra-Healing gemstones

-Light violet-colored candles in your home

-Visualize a brilliant violet light flowing into the space of the crown chakra

-Wear violet clothing and jewelry

-Eat dried fruits

-Complete a detox and avoid eating processed foods

-Sit in nature


Signs of a balanced Crown Chakra: great wisdom, strong intuition, strong awareness of spiritual self, open to helping others and contributing to their general well-being, viewing each individual as part of yourself


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