“Purpose is not your job. Your purpose is an emotion that you cultivate within yourself and then you share it and give it away to others.” – Mastin Kipp

 Trying to figure out what your soul purpose is so you can finally start living a fulfilled life? Well, here's the key!

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A lot has been said lately about finding our purpose.

No doubt this is a concept that can be interpreted in many ways and we can even feel out of place if we have not yet experienced that “a-ha moment” in which we discover what we came to do on this Earth.

I mean, you probably started that quest a long time ago and you have not yet come to a single, assertive conclusion. Maybe you’ve already tried through meditations, books, coaching, therapy but the answer is not there yet.

If that’s your case, don’t worry!. Many people follow their passions intuitively while others find it a bit more complicated to understand what our mission is.

I include myself in this second group and let me tell you a story: from a very young age, I felt the call to do something important with my life, to create an impact in the world. However, it was 20 years later when I understood my mission, when I consciously started following my purpose, which means that I’ve spent half of my life visiting temples, reading, joining courses, experimenting with my writing, looking for gurus, trying to understand my passions until one of my greatest fears was revealed: I wasn’t passionate about anything.

To live your life in a monotonous way is like dying slowly. You get up, go to work, do your homework, sleep, and so it is repeated every day on autopilot. My life, although with a good job and some luxuries, became a beautiful jail for my soul and it cried out to be released.

I decided to hire a life coach that helped me to understand myself, to listen to my soul, reveal my fears and worries and let go all that I didn’t need. And during my time of inner-work and self-exploration, my purpose revealed itself: I came to inspire.

Over time I’ve understood that I came to inspire through my own life and experiences, my successes and failures and it was from there when I began to change my perception about the situations that occur to me: I have learned to appreciate beauty in everything around me and seek love or lessons in every event.

Understanding your mission does not make your job easier or means the end of the road, on the contrary, it’s just the beginning!.

Now, what is your purpose? I like this definition made by Mastin Kipp:

“Your purpose is an emotion you cultivate within you… And then share it and give it to others. “


Here are 5 questions and/or actions to begin to understand what your purpose is:

  1. What is the purpose of life for you?
  2. What would you be doing if you had no financial limitations?
  3. Take a sheet and make a list of 20 ideas, business or activities you would like to do.
  4. From the list above, identify what you could start doing right away. If you find it difficult to choose, imagine how you would feel yourself working on each one and those that make you feel more excited must be the chosen ones!
  5. Then, you can say this mantra:

“Universe, thank you for helping me identify my passions, I allow you to guide me to execute those that help me carry out my purpose.”

Always remember that you are being divinely guided even when you do not feel that it is so.

When you finish this simple exercise, you will have an idea about what you want to do and what you would love to follow. That’s what your Soul Business is all about, which is nothing more than creating that business that not only produces money but also allows you to create a positive impact on the lives of others.

I will finish with an additional exercise: from the above list of 20 ideas, choose only 3, those that make you vibrate with emotion, those that you would regret not to follow.

And that is where you are going to discover a way to carry out your purpose because, believe me, your soul, who does know what you came to do, is guiding you.


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