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I am sure many of you can relate to this. You are going through the roughest time in your life, and you are looking for answers. You’re venting to others and they’re like “Oh, it’ll work out. Just pray about it.” Or “It’s time for you to give that worry to God.” You’re probably sitting there listening like, “Uh. Yeah right. I’m pretty sure that won’t solve any of my issues. Thanks though.” Then you hop online and start doing your own research, because you really just need some answers. You really need that divine guidance at this point, because you are just so ready to give up. Then everything is all like, “God will fix it,” “Give that burden to the angels,” “change your mindset,” “RELEASE AND SURRENDER!” Now at this point, you are nothing short of pissed the fuck off. Your entire life is falling apart and people just expect you to NOT worry!? How!? Well, let me tell you this. You have been guided to this article for a very good reason. Here’s why: You have to stop stressing over the situation so that it can work out in the best possible way. However, you need to know exactly how to “let go” when everything is falling apart.

How Can I Let Go When Everything ?

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I have been in this type of situation way too many times to name. I was feeling hopeless, and every prayer made on my behalf was seemingly overlooked. I wanted to give up, but I didn’t even know how to give up. I wanted to keep fighting for better days, but I no longer had the energy to do so. I called out to The Universe for help. “Please, I don’t know what else to do! I am losing everything!” In response, I just kept receiving messages (in various forms) to just let it go. Huh? What do you mean let it go? Do you see how fucked up this situation is?! If I just “let it go,” it will only get worse. I need some real answers like NOW.

It wasn’t until recently that I learned what it really means to “let go” and it was so very liberating.

Now, let me ask you this: How many times have stressing yourself out over a situation fixed it? Probably never right. It likely just made things worse and harder to deal with. However, how can you NOT get stressed out over such a great challenge? ESPECIALLY when it seems like you are constantly on the losing end and sinking even deeper into the loss. Well, you can mostly certainly turn those events around. It is possible.

“Letting go” simply means releasing yourself from the stress of the situation and its outcome. It means remaining in the present and doing what you can in the present. It means consciously choosing thoughts that feel good even in the midst of a challenge. It means looking at this roadblock as a stepping stone and not an obstacle in your path. Okay, so you’re probably like, how can I do any of those things when the situation has spiraled so far out of control?

Well, firstly, I want you to take some time to write out some of the best case scenarios that may take place if you stop forcing your hand in this situation and instead allow your angels to guide you. This is a great step towards shifting your perspective. After that, take 10 deep breaths in and 10 deep breaths out. Release all of that stress, just tell it to go. At this point, your mind should be a little calmer so that you can think clearer.

Next, I want you to close your eyes, and just imagine how it would feel if your present situation was healed. It would feel great right? Now, let me just tell you this. Your emotions are a very clear indicator of what you are attracting. *Gasp* Whattt??? Yes. If you are attracting your worst case scenario, you will be filled with all of these negative emotions. You will feel depressed, angry, frustrated, worried, nervous, etc. If you are attracting your best case scenario, you will feel excited, happy, content, have high expectations, etc. With that in mind, understand that, at any point in time you can change the outcome of your situation just by consciously controlling your thoughts. Controlled thoughts–> controlled feelings –> controlled life. Simple as that. Now, you cannot jump from feeling completely awful to feeling absolutely amazing in an instant. There are steps in between that you must achieve. However, this concept of “letting go” is supposed to help you do just that. That is why it is an effective action to take once you understand how to do so.

To let go does not mean you give up altogether. However, you release control as to HOW this situation will be repaired. You stop forcing your energy on that single event you feel MUST happen in order for this struggle to be resolved. You pray about it, or give it to The Universe for assistance, and then you allow yourself to be guided to the right actions to fix the problem. So yes, you will still need to take some action. That Higher Power is here to assist you, but you will still need to continue with forward motion. However, you allow yourself to take each step with confidence knowing that everything is working out in the best way, because you are being divinely guided. Well, how do I know it’s divine guidance and when it’s just my own crazy mind? Divine guidance feels good. It feels natural and occurs with ease. Everything will line up quite naturally pointing to your next move. It will be so obvious that this is what you need to do, and it will fill you with POSITIVE emotions. Divine guidance never leads you to do something harmful to yourself or others. Divine guidance never fills you with negative emotions.

Letting go also means that you rid yourself of the belief that if this situation doesn’t play out exactly as you would like it, then you have failed. The Universe is the most effective cleaning crew for your life, and it knows how to remove that which is no longer serving you. As you grow, certain things and people have to fall away in order for you to live your best life. It is not always easy to watch these energies fall away, but understand that it is only for the best. Once you are living it up in pure happiness, I assure you that you will look back and be like “Oh, that totally made sense!” The Universe also knows how to exceed your expectations. So be open for a solution that is even better than what you initially planned on.

I am going to leave you with this. The saying that “sometimes things have to fall apart to fall together” is very much true. We often close our minds to the beauty in situations because we allow our fear to take over. Address your fears, but do not allow them to control you. YOU ultimately have control over your life, whether you know it or not. There are many ways out there to achieve the greatness you desire, do not limit yourself to just one or a few ways to do so. This is where the stress and worry comes from. Let it go.

I hoped this help. Feel free to leave me any questions in the comments. I sincerely want us all to win on this journey. Never think that you are alone. 🙂



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