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BOOKING EIRAM A NAIRB FOR SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTSEiram A Nairb, Mindset and Manifestation Expert

Eiram (born Briana Marie) is a Mindset and Manifestation Expert with a BA in Communications from the University of Hawaii-Hilo. She refers to herself as the “Inner Magic Release Specialist,” and coaches her fellow Creators on how to use their inner tools to create the life of their dreams.

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Mindset Strategies on Betsy Pake Podcast

Shifting Your Mindset So You Can Thrive- Episode 6

Speaking Topics

-The Power of Mind- how gaining control over your mindset gives you control over your entire world

-Law of Attraction- what is the Law of Attraction? And tips to get it to work in your favor

-The Universal Laws- how the Universal Laws work together in your life

-Vision Boards and other Visualization Tools- how to use visualization tools to make your dreams a reality

-Overcoming hardship with minimal resources- Psychiatric hospitals, county jails, and living out of a car, I have been through quite a bit in my life. Here is how I overcame it.