A New Way to Think About Your Day

Here is a new way to view each day. It'll make every moment seem so much more special.

I’m keeping it super short and to the point today. I just wanted to give my fellow conscious creators a bit of inspiration and motivation to carry with them throughout their journey. I want to present you with a new way to think about your day. 


Here is a new way to view each day. It'll make every moment seem so much more special.

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While many just view the new day as “another day, another dollar,” or another opportunity to do better (or worse) than you did the day before, it is actually more than that. It is a fresh start. You are not the same person today that you were yesterday.  What happened days prior is not actually an indication of how THIS day is going to go. This is a whole new start.


Start thinking of your new day as a blank sheet of paper. There is no picture on it, no words. NOTHING. You have the opportunity to create whatever you want on this sheet. You can be as a great as you want to be today. Don’t worry about the past and don’t worry about the future. Just know that all you have control over right now is this moment. Think of waking up each morning as a renewal of your self. You have never seen this day before and once it ends, you will never see it again. Make it count.

Best of wishes to you all on your journey! Feel free to share in the comments how YOU plan on making today great. 🙂



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