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Here at The Blue Optimist, you can feel free to be yourself. And if you have yet to figure out who you are, that’s okay too. After all, this life is nothing more than a journey to self-discovery. Enjoy.

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The Blue Optimist was founded by Eiram A Nairb – a Mindset and Manifestation Expert. Titling herself, the “Inner Magic Release Specialist,” Eiram shares knowledge on how to connect with one’s Highest Self to create the life of your dreams.


Meaning in Numbers

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Angel Number 444

A nudge to closely follow your intuition during this time

Angel Number 333

Encouragement from the divine to move forward on your journey with confidence

Angel Number 11

A Master Number – a number of intuition and spiritual awakening


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Are you looking to brighten someone's day with an extra special gift? Perhaps you are gift-hunting for a loved one who is awakening to their spiritual gifts. Whatever the case may be, these Law of Attraction Gift Ideas are a great way to add a little positivity to...

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If you ever read your horoscope or study numerology, Biorhythms may be a concept that interests you. The idea behind Biorhythms is that we all follow rhythmic cycles that influence our daily lives. The cycle begins at birth and repeats throughout our lives. It is a...

Angel Number 55

ANGEL NUMBER 55 Post may contain affiliate links. Disclosure can be viewed here.  Angel Number 55 amplifies the energy of the Number 5. Number 55 carries the energy of life lessons, new opportunities, adventure, excitement, challenges, and life changes.It can also...

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